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Gilles Aubry
Gilles Aubry (*1973)

Gilles Aubry is a Swiss sound artist & musician based in Berlin since 2002. He uses field recordings, computer programming, surround sound and improvisation to create live performances, sound installations, CD and radio pieces.

His work is informed by personal investigations on formal, perceptual and anthropological aspects of sound production and reception, including auditory perception, space representation, cultural accoustics and history of technologies. Gilles Aubry has been involved in numerous collaborations with international artists throughout Europe, USA, Russia, Asia, Australia and the Middle East since 1995.

Recent artistic projects include ‘Berlin Backyards’ (2007, audio piece distinguished at the Phonurgia Nova Competition 2007), ‘Modulor’ (2008, sound installation, Singuhr Gallery, Berlin), ‘Outside of the plane’ (2008, sound installation, Cairoscape Exhibition, Kunstraum Bethanien, Berlin), ‘Planes’ (2009, audio installation, Laptopia Sound Exhibition, Bat Yam Museum, Tel Aviv), ‘Les ecoutis et le caire’ (2009, audio piece premiered on Deutschland Radio), ‘Belju Sound Bridge’ (2009, network of audio installations at the Swiss-French Border) and ‘Hi-Fi Borders’ (2010, sound installation presented at Club Transmediale, Berlin).

Gilles Aubry's works have been published on Absinth Records, Wind Measures Recordings, Gruenrekorder, Cronica Electronica, Creative Sources, Schraum, Conspiracy, Sound Implant and broadcasted on Deutschlandradio, ABC,, and Giant Ear.

Gilles Aubry ist zu hören auf schraum 4 und leitete die Aufnahmen für schraum 8.