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Christian Biegai (*1974)
saxophone, clarinet

Christian Biegai is a film composer, sound designer and saxophonist. He studied at the University of the Arts Berlin, the Royal College of Music in London, followed with a Masters degree in performance and electro acoustic studies at Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA.

Since then he has written film scores for feature films, short films, documentaries, and animated movies. ‘Whistle’, directed by Duncan Jones, was premiered at the Lupo Fright Film Festival 2002 in London and was shown at festivals around the world including several broadcasts on Film Four. In 2004, he refined his audio-post production skills under the leadership of Frank Verderosa at Planet V, New York. Working with digital artist and multimedia producer Helena Bulaja over the last years generated an inspired partnership. Results of this include composing and recording the score for the fairytale ‘Regoch’ (2006), which can be heard on the release of Croatian Tales of Long Ago, Part Two and Helena Bulaja's latest project about Nikola Tesla, which features Laurie Anderson and Terry Gilliam amongst other artists. Christian composed the score for director Marc Meyer’s film ‘Sunday, in August’ (2004), which was broadcast on France 3. Working at Park Road Post, as an editor in 2006 for two films, Christian also contributed a string quartet piece for Academy Award nominee, Taika Waititi’s feature film ‘Eagle vs. Shark’ (2007) alongside the original soundtrack by the Phoenix Foundation. Last year he composed the score for Marc Meyer's feature film: ‘Wir Sagen Du, Schatz’ (2007) and the music for Paul Swadel's TV 3 New Zealand documentary ‘The Big Picture’ (2007), in collaboration with Dave Whitehead and Riki Gooch. He wrote the score for Brigitte Bertele's feature film: ‘Nacht Vor Augen’ (2008) , which premiered on the 58th Berlin International Film Festival 2008 and in 2009 the music for an episode of the classic German crime show ‘Tatort’, directed by Didi Danquart.

As a saxophone player, Christian has performed with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, clair-obscur saxophone quartet, Antony and the Johnsons, the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, the Mendelssohn Kammerorchester Leipzig, DM Stith and the artist collective Edison Woods amongst others. He performed with Michael Nyman at the Berlin Film Festival 2000 where he premiered the film music for Fernand Leger's Ballete Mechanique (1924) and at the Eros New Music Festival in 2008, where he premiered ‘I Sonetti Lussuriosi’ in Germany. In 2005 he recorded the score for ‘3:20’, written for solo saxophone by Gerald Busby, best known for his soundtrack of Robert Altmann's Three Women. After the collaboration, Gerald dedicated ‘Speak’ for Christian, that he premiered in Carnegie Hall in December, 2005.

Christian is currently based in Berlin, but can also be found in New York, London, Wellington or Zagreb.

Christian Biegai appears on schraum 9.