Label für gegenwärtige Musik

rant: seumsund / sundseum

schraum 2, 2004

Merle Ehlers - Drums
Torsten Papenheim - Guitar

A release that is well worth checking out by adventurous listeners.
Cadence Magazine (USA)

In december 2004 schraum releases the debut-album of rant, titled ‘seumsund / sundseum’. rant focuses on the combination of very close and direct duo-playing, with forms and patterns of pop-music. For Merle Ehlers (since 2006: Merle Bennett) and Torsten Papenheim, rant is a way to realize their personal idea of writing and playing songs. Pop-music without a pop-band. ‘seumsund / sundseum’ is a collection of those special pieces for guitar and drums.