Label für gegenwärtige Musik

In 2004 the three Berlin based musicians Merle Bennett, Axel Haller and Torsten Papenheim founded the record label schraum. From the beginning, it was a clear aim for them to release their own music as well as featuring other ensembles and soloists. For more than twelve years schraum kept the focus on the interesting boundaries between improvisation and composition.

The careful and committed efforts of the schraum members have risen the attention of listeners and musicians and grew up to a nice catalogue of twenty albums of high quality and value, which is well documented in various reviews in many differerent countries.

In february 2016 schraum ended the active work of releasing and producing music with a thrilling party. Of course all the twenty cds are still available via the schraum online shop, although some numbers of the catalogue are almost out of stock!