Label für gegenwärtige Musik

hotelgäste: flowers you can eat

schraum 3, 2005

Michael Thieke - Clarinet, Alto Sax, Zither
Dave Bennett - Guitar
Derek Shirley - Bass

One of the most enjoyable works in the field of free-form music that I've listened to lately.
Chain D.L.K. (Italy)

The Berlin-based Canadian/German trio hotelgäste draws upon diverse experiences within their environment to explore a new music created in the moment; sonic densities and vast cold silences are juxtaposed to bring architectural like structural integrity to their improvisations. Population and solitude, traffic jams and back country ways, amplification and quietness, acoustic and electric, exploratory and communication, and of course conversations with the many different guests make this hotel one of the most exciting musical experiences of recent past.