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Nils Ostendorf, Philip Zoubek, Philippe Lauzier: subsurface

schraum 11, 2010

Nils Ostendorf: Trumpet
Philip Zoubek: Prepared Piano
Philippe Lauzier: Bass Clarinet, Alto Saxophone

This trio plays some great lush improvised music with beautiful ringing overtones. Excellent.
Vital Weekly (Netherlands)

The Berlin based label schraum is presenting it´s 11th release this fall, with a record called subsurface. Being it´s third German-Canadian co-operation after Hotelgäste (flowers you can eat, 2005) and Torsten Papenheims work with producer Dave Bennett (Some of the things we could be, 2009), schraum is very happy to welcome these three musicians from Berlin, Cologne and Montréal into their family. The premier rendezvous between Nils Ostendorf (trumpet), Philip Zoubek (prepared piano), and Philippe Lauzier (alto saxophone, bass clarinet) led to experimentations with the simple physicality of their instruments; the result being extreme mechanical generators of sounds and tones. Thanks to their advanced and extended techniques and a fine sense of resonance and overtone, the three bring an organic and fused sound into being that wanders through landscapes of density and dynamic; vibrant polyphonic textures leading to valleys of silence, space and serenity. A microscopically recorded album of impassioned music that no one should miss.